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Spiraldesk is shipped with loads of exciting features and integration for you to work on.

What Makes Spiraldesk the best in Class

Spiraldesk utilizes multiple cloud storage and database platforms to store the data that goes in and out of Spiraldesk. The major processes entities in Spiraldesk are - The Ticket Data and the Attachments.

Scalable Architecture

The entire Architecture of Spiraldesk is spread across numerous docker containers , which ensures the best performance for the application.

Content Delivery and Management

The front facing Content Delivery Network , ensures accelerated delivery of Spiraldesk’s web services.

The key important feature for Spiraldesk is the usage of AMQP protocol for message handling. RabbitMQ is being used for email and message handling is capable of handling One Million Messages Per Second on Google’s Compute Engine.

Disaster Management

The DR is setup as a hot standby, which ensures the disaster recovery happens almost immediately.

Data Storage

The ticket data is stored in MySQL database in AWS EC2 instances , which is setup as a High available cluster with replication and Auto-sharding enabled.

The attachments that is related to the tickets are stored in Amazon Services and is available for fast retrieval.

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